Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Expats and furniture rental

There are a million events happening on a daily basis all around the world. It is obviously not a feasible idea to create things from the scratch for each and every event and the wisest way to save our planet, which is already in peril, is to recycle and reuse. Thus rental companies of any kind play a very important role in helping towards the cause of preventing the environment from further degradation as there is lesser strain on natural resources like wood, metals and non-renewable fuel. Furniture rental companies especially, help in this to a great extent as the furniture is repeated at various events, sometimes within the span of a day itself. If every event manager or company were to create their own furniture from scratch, imagine how many trees would be destroyed and how ecologically unbalanced things would get.

Furniture rental gets easier

For event managers and companies in Singapore, their best bet for getting furniture on rent would be Chuan Lam Production, a company which has been around since 2004 and in the 9 years until now, has created an excellent and reliable name for itself in the industry.Its clientele consists of the biggest multi-national corporations, property developers, relocation companies, real-estate agents, landlords and expatriates. It is the ideal one stop shop for event furnishings and services. The whole d├ęcor of any event can be handled by such professional furniture rental firmsand the managers do not really need to worry about that part of the arrangements for any event. Most such furniture rental companies cater to a host of major event companies, restaurants, hotels, large scale annual events, etc. They tend to stock a huge inventory of furniture and other tools that are needed for varied set-ups and occasions.

Get great furniture at affordable prices for almost all kinds of events

One of the benefits of renting your furniture from rental companies is the affordability of the whole process. More often than not, they offer a rare combination of quality and cost effectiveness.All kinds of furnishing products such as different kinds of seats, tables, bar counters, accessories, LEDs,etc,are available for rental at these firms. They deal with the customers in a totally fuss free manner and provide flexible rental periods. Some of their main functions include activities such as:
  • Furnishing Rental Services
  • Flora & Landscape
  • Kabuki Launch System
  • Pipes & Drapes
  • Total Event Management
  • Carpeting
Renting furniture from a rental company for event furnishing is the in thing

Since these furniture rental companies have an experienced pool of creative and energetic event personnel who are well versed in handling in-house operations and productions departments, the workload of event managers is reduced considerably. It is a win-win situation for many parties, especially for corporate marketing and PR events. The environment is saved thanks to less trees being cut, work burden of event managers and organizers is reduced and thus so are their stress levels and last but not the least, it falls cheaper for the client to rent furniture than buy new ones that they will be rarely using.

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