Friday, June 27, 2014

3 System Types: Which One Works for You

Every system is balanced: there are big parts and tiny parts. There are important parts and parts that are not so critical. Value is relative, after all. So when a system fails, and there are quite a lot of parts to take out, to fix or even outright replace, what choices do you have to make? What kind of system do you want to resurrect or build from the ashes of the old one?

1.   One that Works Now

Well, this is the kind of system that you may have, if you do not have as much time as you want, if the need is pressing and urgent, if the system really has to work right now and to heck with the consequences of installing unreliable parts or doing a quick fix that can negatively affect or irreversibly damage the system in the long run. 

That kind of system, however, does not value foresight or long-term plans. So if all you did was a quick fix, if you just simply patched up the problem without thought to future operations or expenses, then you can expect to shell out more in the long run since you definitely will have to resort to continuous or even regular maintenance and repair—whether these includes a new board to board connector or a wtb connector

2.   One that Works 

This is the kind of system you may have if you—at the very least—take the time to search out good parts online. A good board to board connector, after all, will ensure that your system will work without a hitch and give you more time before you start to feel the need to throw it over for a new one. This system is often enough for those who need the system to work but are happy they do not need to shell out so much money for it. 

3.   One that Delivers

This is the kind of system you can have if you really took the time and effort to research on quality and excellently-made parts. Durability, for one, can be topnotch and allow your system to last the longest. Expect, however, that these parts may not come cheap. You have to be prepared to spend more if you want more, if you want the best for your system. This ensures, though, that your system will run at optimum performance for as long as it can, and should be faster than most systems around. If this is the kind of performance you need, then make absolutely sure the parts you buy can deliver on that. 

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