Friday, June 20, 2014

Top 7 Inexpensive Corporate Gift Ideas Your Shouldn't Miss

In business, a company needs to have business partners to co-develop products and services or to have an edge against its competitors and to widen its market reach. Partnership is important. But, maintaining a partnership, especially a partnership that allows both sides to profit, is even more important. So how do you maintain a partnership? How do you keep it from falling apart?

One factor that can help strengthen a partnership is giving your business partner a corporate gift. Just like in other relationships, you show your partner how much you care by giving gifts. Obviously, the more personal, the better. But there are times when you are not sure on what to give. When that time comes, remember that giving something is better than not giving anything. So below are seven inexpensive corporate gift ideas that you can give to your business partner.

1.   Pens. Everybody needs pens and your business partner is no exception. You can give your business partner a pen when the two of you are about to sign a partnership deal. Make it seem like you have reserved the pen for that occasion. It will make him or her feel special. You can even have the pen personalized by having his or her name written on it.

2.   Corporate bags.  Give your partner something that he or she needs. A corporate bag is one of those things. It will be useful when your partner goes out on meetings and corporate events. Look for bags that look and feel professional. Also consider your partner’s gender when picking the bag.

3.   Notebook or Planner. You can give a notebook or planner as a corporate gift. Working people need all the help they can get to always be at the right place at the right time. A notebook or planner will help them on that aspect. It will give your partner the opportunity to organize his or her schedule and write down the tasks he or she needs to accomplish.

4.   Tumblers or mugs. Your partner may want to have a tumbler or mug that he or she can use while at work or at the gym.  You can even pick a design that they would like.

5.   Ornament. You can give your partner an ornament that he or she can display at the office. It can be something decorative and useful. It can also be something personal like an object that you and your partner have talked about.

6.   A book. If your partner is an avid reader, then get him or her a book. It can be any book. Just be sure to pick one that you know your partner would want.

7.   USB Flash Drive. Flash drives are necessary at work. They are used to quickly transfer files from one person or department to another. It will be helpful to your business partner. So try giving your partner a USB Flash Drive as a corporate gift.

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