Saturday, June 28, 2014

Signage Horrors: 3 Ways to Ruin that Signage

Having a few signages made? Here are a few things you need to watch out for:

1.   Text

Signages often contain just enough information—the basics and nothing more—for a reason. It only has so much space, after all. That means every word, every image in there, has got to be important—has got to be necessary.
If there are two or three words that can be removed—and the text would still be able to retain the original thought and that this removal would not, in any way, compromise clarity—then that signage is two words too long. So one thing that could destroy your signage, that could consign it to mediocrity, is improperly-edited content. 

Be careful about what you wish to put there, whether it is a name, location or warning. For a wonderful choice of signage Singapore has a lot. Singapore signage makers are plenty so finding one you can hire for the right price is going to be easy-peasy. When you do find one, make sure to follow suggestions on the text. If they think the text is too long or too short for the space you have, make the necessary adjustments. 

2.   Color

Another thing that could definitely lower the cool factor of your signage is color—or rather, when you end up picking the wrong colors for the sign. Often, signage makers could suggest a particular combination to you. However, if you are adamant or set on a particular combination and are not willing to listen or entertain the suggestions of a professional signage maker, then beware. This could really mess up your signage. 

If they are telling you that the combination is not going to work, then sit up and pay attention. Do not put your foot down just because you think you know better. Listen to the suggestions they throw your way. Often, signage makers—the skilled ones—will find a way to bring together everything you want for your sign. So know when to talk and when to listen.  

3.   Style

You might have a great text in place along with a great color palette. But if the style does not suit your business or the nature of the information on the signage, then this could also render your signage useless. Too much art, a mismatched image or too much creative leeway could make it hard for people to understand what your signage is all about. And that is always a no-no. The point of a signage is to inform people of something. Anything that compromises that compromises and negates the value of your signage. So make sure the style never overpowers all the other elements in the mix.

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