Saturday, June 28, 2014

Four daily activities to improve your workplace

Singapore is a melting pot of business offices. The nation is rich with simple, traditional offices and the emerging innovative office spaces. This is evident in the recent survey of office buildings in Singapore where it is shown that a number of both local and international companies have provided more attention on the improvement of their offices as a way of addressing work burnout. On the other hand, more traditional business owners believe that keeping their workspace simple and clean is the foolproof method of maintaining the sanity of their employees. Whether you are an advocate of the simple or the innovative office designs, below are four activities which you can employ on a daily basis to help improve your workplace.

Clean before and after work hours. As a common sense as this may seem, it is true that most employees fail to practice this golden rule. Most of the times, upon arrival at work, employees are very eager to start their tasks that they forget to clean their workspace first. They believe that there is no need to wipe the table or remove finger prints on their computer monitors as long as they accomplished their assigned tasks. Unfortunately, maintaining a habit of cleaning before work starts and prior to going home is a healthy way of protecting your employees not only from contagious diseases but also from mind clutter. Also, if you have an expensive office system furniture singapore, it would always be better if the employees can show their appreciation of their workplace by cleaning it every day.

Include nature in your interior design. Going green is famous nowadays not only due to the threats of global warming but because people have finally recognized the importance of Mother Nature in our daily life. You can incorporate nature in the interior design of your office by positioning pots of plants beside your system furniture singapore. You can choose from the stylish bonsai or the eye-catching flowering plants. You need not to buy expensive plants, as long as the plants are well maintained, these organic additions to your office space will surely contribute to the improved well being of your employees. Also, visitors will get the impression that your office is a healthy work area since you are able to maintain a living plant within your premises.

Keep music low. Most young professionals prefer to work while listening to their favourite music. However, it is not good is the music is too loud or if the genre is not favoured by all. As a supervisor, you can address this by reminding everyone that they should keep their respective music low. Also, you can maintain a centralized music system in your office that plays classical collections. Remember that there is a scientific study which attests to the contribution of classical music in stimulating critical thinking. You can exploit this feature in your office and you might be surprised with the results.

Optimize your senses through scents. Several offices in Singapore have also incorporated aromatic scents in their offices. Be it lavender, jasmine or chamomile, these scents area said to promote a calming effect. It is advised that these scents be made available after lunch time because this is usually the time when stress has already accumulated in your employees and smelling these scents can help them achieve a more serene mind.
These four simple steps, when applied on a daily basis, will significantly improve your workplace regardless of its simple or innovative design.

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