Friday, June 27, 2014

3 Things Weddings are Made Of

Weddings are often a time of celebration—and also, of unending headaches, untimely misfortunes, and unpleasant surprises. Want to know why?

There is drama.

You know this. Whenever there are weddings, there often seems to be people crying as well. Some just find the sight of two people kneeling beside each other in holy matrimony stirringly sentimental and romantic. Others, though, cry for different reasons. 

Remember that one instance when the maid of honor cried because she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her? Or that time when the bride was so nervous and jittery that you had to convince her to relax and sit down, to enjoy the wedding and not get too worked up and worried about whatever dish the caterers were going to bring out or if all the souvenirs have been done and sent.

This is also a good time to remember to get the services of an exceptional crew. No worries though. For pre wedding photography, Singapore has plenty. All the marrying couple has to make sure of is that the crew is good. Knowing someone has that covered is sure to take a lot of load off their minds. That way, even when the crazies and family drama escalate, at least there is a crew out there who are making sure they capture all the warm, wonderful moments in between—along with some of the crazies too. For actual wedding photography, Singapore also has many shops and photography businesses around so make sure you find packages and deals too.  

There are children. 

Not everyone is a fan of children. Some are noisy. They run around like hyenas. They like dirt. They stomp and squeal and have tantrums. But they are one of the best and worst things about weddings. After all, no one seems to look like they are enjoying themselves as much as children do. They generally seem like they know how to have the time of their life—as they run around and squeal and laugh. They are happy and silly, which is often why they make the wedding a richer and more colorful experience.

And colorful it is. Remember that time when the ring bearer tripped on the church steps and almost lost the ring? Or that time when one of the little guests had a toy boat floating in the juice bowl? 

There is magic. 

While hosts of books and movies have been made about love, the truth is, finding someone to spend the rest of our lives with is hard. So whenever someone does find that special someone, when they finally take their vows, it is always wonderful to see that. And that is magic.

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