Saturday, June 28, 2014

Why Liking that Course Matters

So you want to go back to school—maybe take another course? For an engineering project management course Singapore has plenty of educational institutions that could offer you great terms. Or maybe an accounting course would be better? For an accounting degree Singapore companies pay a premium for graduates with such credentials. 

So which course is it going to be? 

Well, whichever one you end up with, make sure you like it. Or, at the very least, know and be certain that the subject matter appeals to you, that it could hold your interest. Here are 4 reasons for that:  

1.   It keeps you motivated.

If you like something, if you are engaged in an activity that interests you, that is capable of keeping your attention, it is a huge boost to your motivation. A course is a long-term commitment. Anything that could help you, that could get you through that, anything that helps you keep going through the good and bad days, for those times when worse comes to worst—when Murphy’s Law just seems to be the sole governing law in the universe—when that time comes, your motivation, your interest, your love for the work, will keep you going, will keep you moving, taking one step at a time. 

2.   It gives you personal satisfaction.

Doing something you like gives you that indescribable sense of accomplishment. It is a good feeling. It gives you the kind of security that makes you believe in what you can do, in what you can achieve. That kind of confidence is always earned and never given. You earn it through your hard work, through all those hours you spent poring over books and sites and research materials. Through all those years you slaved away and someday, when you find yourself working, and you encounter a particular task you have studied for, you will feel that certainty—that knowledge—that you can do this, that this is the work you were trained to do. Prepare to get an awesome kick out of that—because you will. 

3.   It makes you go the extra mile.

Doing something you love makes you determined to go the extra mile. You do not mind the work or added effort—the only thing that matters is you deliver, that you do great. 

4.   It is fun. 

Life is too short for us to do something we do not want, that we are not passionate about. We only have years—better to spend every minute doing something we like, something we love. Only then could our lives be meaningful and worthwhile.

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